Below is just a sampling of the feedback we have received from Indie Owned members.

Just wanted to say "thank you" for Indie Owned booklet that we received recently. It looks very professional, and it's so nice to have all of the local business' tell their story in one publication like that. By the way, it was a big hit at the Board of Trade holiday party last night! I'm glad I did it!

Harrison Refrigeration & Appliance (Roslindale)

Boy, was that was a great tool. The response from our customers was just terrific. I certainly want to be in it when it comes around again.

West Concord Liquor Store, Inc. (Concord)

I had a conversation this morning with a lawyer who bought a profile ad. He said that he paid for the ad in about 2 days with new business, and that the Directory was the best thing we had done during his time in the Chamber.

Ted Coates - Director, Malden Chamber of Commerce (Malden Chamber Profiles)

Hi there -- I've gotten lots of positive feedback -- thanks again for pushing me to get it done in time.

Susan Myers Architects (Jamaica Plain)

Hi Deborah - Great job on the magazine. On my way out, but again you did a great job and wanted to tell you how pleased we all are.

Green Epiphany (Jamaica Plain)

Debbie & Hank
Belated congratulations on another terrific publication of Indie Owned. Way to go! People have been telling me they saw my listing and find the directory fun to read and a “keeper.” Thank you for your hard work!!

Room for Change, Inc. (Brookline)

The response from your first mailing is excellent! It really helps a home-based business like ours. We have had maybe 14 leads come from the mailing – in fact, one came in yesterday, so people are saving the booklet and referring to it even now.

ConcordTrader (Concord)

Thank you -
Comina thinks you did a great job! People who see the flyer in the store are excited to take one, or glad one will be coming to their home.

Comina (Concord)

We have been getting so many clients and calls since the Indie Owned was mailed out. Thank you again for bringing such a great advertising media to our community!
Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

1 on 1 Self Indulgence Spa (Concord)

We had a new customer come in, I think it was two days after Indie Owned came out, because they saw our profile. They spent three times what Indie Owned cost us. I couldn't believe it. We rarely ever advertise because it never brings in customers. Word of mouth is really how we get our business. It seems that Indie Owned works well because people in Newton are eager to support local, indie owned shops.
Existing customers have also seen our profile. The profile creation process worked great. I can't think of anything that you should change. We are thrilled with Indie Owned! Is this going to be a yearly thing?
Thanks a bunch!

Abraxis Framing Co. (Newton)

Debbie & Hank,
   When you first came to BNI I thought, advertising has never brought me business. Then I heard it went out to so many homes in my area I said I will try. I could not believe that with in the first week I got 4 calls, and have already generated business.
Thank you.

Chefberta Personal Chef Service (Brookline)

Thanks again for providing this wonderful service, I really appreciate it!
There are so many of us entrepreneurs- I have been one all my life- with my theater school, hospital clown troupe etc... thanks again!!

Animal Communicator - Jeannie Lindheim (Brookline)

I thought this was a great idea and well done. Wish I had known. Let me know if you do it again.

Suzanne Modigliani Geriatric Care Manager (Brookline)

Hi Debbie & Hank - I've been pleased with the profile and I've gained two clients and doubled my money thus far. It's been a good experience. I've also had numerous clients and acquaintances comment on seeing the profile, so it's definitely gotten good exposure. Carry on!

Anna Mulholland LMT (Brookline)

So far, I have received 3 phone calls/emails looking for tax services as a result of the Indie Owned: Brookline publication. Right now, I am optimistic that I will actually turn all 3 of the leads into clients. I have two clients who have businesses in Newton. I'll definitely pass along the info for the Newton publication to them. Thanks for including me in the Brookline edition.

Doug J. Murstein, CPA (Brookline)

Hi Debbie & Hank -
I love the idea and look of the final product. All of my patients like it as well. Don't change a thing! So far, I have gotten 1 new customer from it (but expect more).

Flum Family Chiropractic (Brookline)

Great idea! Wish I’d gotten in on the first round! Glad to be here now!

Village Family Chiropractic (Brookline)

Hi Debbie,
Thanks for all you did to make this venture so successful. I think the directory came out beautifully and I found it so interesting to learn the history of so many of my fellow businesses. I find myself referring to it often. Thanks again for all your encouragement and hard work for which we all are benefiting. Thanks again and happy holidays.

Thoreauly Antiques Ltd (Concord)

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